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For the Incheon Games???????

jackson wang can get it

like yes

all day all night whenever wherever let’s go

because your milkshake brings everyone to the yard

I also would love to have like a 24/7 cam of the Roommates house. Like I want to watch them live their lives and then I’ll do nothing with my life. EVERYTHING IS ABOUT JACKSON NOW. Goodbye.

And this is why I love Roommate’s newest season.

I love that the new mix of roommates. You have the multilingual people, like Jackson, Ryohei and Junhyung. I feel like this is more international fans friendly. And I love it.

You have Youngji, who’s like a fangirl that just laughs while her mouth is open and just seems starstruck with everyone.

You have the older people. The noona that looks strict. You have the old cast. You have the girl group and boy band members. You have the comedians.

I love everyone. I feel like this season is going to be fun but weird at the same time because I keep seeing the past members’ traits in some people. ALSO I LOVE MIN WOO’S HAIR.

Some epic Jackson Wang lines:

"Nomu lonely haeyo"

"Gagman hyung"

"AAAAHHH nnyeong haseyo"

I’m so excited to watch Roommate’s newest season lafskd,jfsd

Torrent is not fast enough

I need my daily dose of Jackson Wang bruh


내 새 룸메! 잭슨~ 너의 피부는 내가 책임질게!

Translation (x): My new roommate! Jackson~ I’m in charge of your skin!

jackson’s preview for roommate season 2

(via hailjacksonwang)

Jackson of GOT7 !!! YES MY BABY !!!! This boy is pretty fun and stupid so I know this is going to be a good season!

Also Sunny of SNSD !!! YAYYYYYY looking ofrward to my girls’ guestings!

Also Junhyung of g.o.d whooooooo

Mama Shin tweeted that it’s “difficult to get close to the new members” so………..

we have new cast members? omg I’m excited to see who they are!!!!

The seven remaining roommates will still appear on the next season, apparently. So yay good news!!!!

Let’s give them a chance! Episode 19 was good, yeah? I hope Season 2 gets even better!